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Bee Keeping Equipment - Feeders, Hive Tools, Smokers etc. - Tools

 Hive Tool Standard
Hive Tool Standard from
This 190mm chisel tool can also be used for lifting frames. Has a sharpened chisel end.

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 Hive Tool with Frame Lifter
Hive Tool with Frame Lifter from

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 Uncapping Fork
Uncapping Fork from
Molded plastic handle, stainless steel cranked needles
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 Bee Brush ( Large)
Bee Brush ( Large) from
Plastic handle with soft natural 50mm bristles. Gently removes bees from where they shouldn't be.
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 Hive Straps
Hive Straps from
The best method for holding hives together when being moved. Comes with 3m of 25mm wide strapping
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 Galvanised Mesh 18 * 18 for Open mesh Floors & Varroa
Galvanised Mesh 18 * 18 for Open mesh Floors & Varroa from
Made of perforated galvanised steel, used for making open mesh floors, traveling screens and repairing old lids.
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 Spring fasteners ( per pair)
Spring fasteners ( per pair) from
A simple metal spring held in between three screws, ideal for holding hive parts together
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 Series of Hive Numbers
Series of Hive Numbers from
Be organised in the apiary, used for numbering your hives so you can keep good records of your Bees activities.
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 Frame Grip
Frame Grip from
A spring loaded device ideal for gripping a frame with one hand
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 Honey Refractometer
Honey Refractometer from
An accurate yet inexpensive means of checking the moisture content to avoid fermentation of the honey.
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Manipulation Cloth
Manipulation Cloth from
Cotton fabric weighted by polished steel rods. Allows you to expose only part of the hive at a time. this helps retain heat, and the bees
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